Engine Crane, 2 Tonne (93510)

Engine Crane, 2 Tonne
Product Description

This robust engine crane has a maximum capacity of 2 Tonnes. The single-piston hydraulic pump ensures rapid lifting of an engine out of its bay with little effort. There are four pre-set jib positions, with a maximum capacity of 500kg when the jib is fully extended. The outrigger legs can be folded to optimise storage workshop space or for easy transportation. There are six robust castor wheels to allow safe mobility. For safety, they are twin overload valves to prevent exceeding capacity. This engine crane is compatible with a wide range of load slings and levelers.

  • Four pre-set jib positions for lifting
  • Single piston hydraulic pump for rapid lifting
  • Folding design optimises storage space
  • Six robust castor wheels for safe mobility
  • Fitted with twin safety overload valves
  • Compatible with a wide range of load slings and levellers

Manufactured to EN1494 Specification

Capacity 2 Tonne
Capacity position 1 2,000kg
Maximum jib length position 1 638mm
Maximum jib height position 1 2,250mm
Capacity position 2 1,500kg
Maximum jib length position 2 458mm
Maximum jib height position 2 2,110mm
Capacity position 3 1,000kg
Maximum jib length position 3 278mm
Maximum jib height position 3 1,950mm
Capacity position 4 500kg
Maximum jib length position 4 98mm
Maximum jib height position 4 1,800mm
Frame height 210mm
Frame length 855mm
Frame width 70mm
Folded dimensions H 1,305 x L 500 x W 611mm
Weight 79.40kg
1 x Engine Crane, 2 Tonne


12 months

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