Tarpaulin Cord Set (12 Piece) (93670)

Tarpaulin Cord Set (12 Piece)
Product Description

12 piece set of assorted 8mm tarpaulin bungee cords for use around the home, garage or on the car or trailer. Each bungee is fitted with a plastic hook and a bungee ball for easy fastening and is made from high-quality rubber to prolong the service life and increase durability. Maximum stretch 70%. Lashing capacity 25kg.

  • High quality rubber to prolong service life and increase durability
  • Maximum stretch of 70%
  • Load capacity 25kg
  • Manufactured to CG/TUV specifications
4x Tarpaulin bungees, 600mm
4x Tarpaulin bungees, 440mm
4x Tarpaulin bungees, 310mm


12 months

For further information please visit our warranty page.

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