Draper Expert Turbo Smoke Diagnostic Machine Pipe Vacuum Leak Detector (94078)

Draper Expert Turbo Smoke Diagnostic Machine Pipe Vacuum Leak Detector
Product Description

This smoke diagnostic machine for turbo systems is a huge time saver, efficiently pinpointing leaks throughout all car systems and delivering fast test results. It uses mineral oil and workshop air to generate smoke to detect leaks while connected to the vehicle. The machine features variable air/smoke pressure control, an easy to read test pressure gauge and oil level indicator. For maximum efficiency it has a five-minute duty cycle which ensures the device runs for longer. The unit can run up to 20psi. The machine is compact, lightweight and connects to a 12V vehicle battery. Supplied inside a convenient case packed with accessories including 23 plastic plugs, a 31-81mm cone adaptor, battery cable with crocodile clips, a smoke outlet hose, an air intake adaptor and hook.

  • Variable pressure regulator
  • Five-minute duty cycle
  • Runs up to 20psi
  • Oil level window
  • Supplied with fully comprehensive assortment of accessories
1 x Air intake adaptor
1 x Hook
1 x Smoke outlet hose
1 x Cap plug kit
1 x Battery cable
1 x Standard cone adaptor
Weight 4.0kg
Voltage 12V DC
Pressure 3-20psi
Operating temperature 0℉ to 140℉
Generator protection temperature 239℉
Vapour output hose 3m
Operating mode Smoke 5 min cycle/Air cycle

Draper Expert

12 months

For further information please visit our warranty page.


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