Draper’s XP1000 research puts sparkies in the spotlight

25th Jan 2022

Draper’s XP1000 research puts sparkies in the spotlight

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an electrician? You’re in the right place if you’d like to explore the highs and lows of this unique sector.

The latest Draper Tools research is all about the views of the nation’s electricians, carried out in honour of our brand new XP1000 series of VDE hand tools. We’ve worked closely with the trade over a two-year period to develop the range, taking time to get to know the people in the industry along the way. We couldn’t help but be impressed with the passion and the pride electricians have for their work. This has certainly fed into the development of the range, along with plenty of other feedback from the trade. So, here’s a little look at what we’ve learned about life as an electrician.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our research revealed that Britain’s electricians experience high levels of job satisfaction, with more than 80% feeling satisfied with their careers. The reasons behind this were varied, but problem solving and challenging yourself were cited as the best things about the job. Coming in a close second was getting to use tools every day at work.

More than a third of electricians feel like they’re providing a vital service, which contributes to their job satisfaction. A third also said they enjoy travelling to different locations for work. While just over a quarter cited the money as one of the most satisfying aspects of the job.

Other reasons electricians love what they do include getting good feedback from customers, regularly interacting with different people and how every day is different. A quarter cited the banter with other trades as one of the things they enjoy about the role.

Tools for success

Tools of the trade are all part of the appeal too – a quarter of electricians said they get a sense of satisfaction from adding to their tool collection. And around one in six even admitted they get enjoyment from simply sitting back and admiring their tools.

Speaking about the findings, Phil Rowley, Sales Director at Draper Tools, said: “Having quality tools is essential to doing a good job when you’re dealing with electrics. But we were bowled over by the amount of love and pride people have for their tool collections. We hope our XP1000 range will go on to earn its place in the hearts of the nation’s electricians. The entire collection has certainly been a big investment for us, but we’re confident there is a lot to love about it. It’s reliable, comfortable, safe and comes with our Draper Expert Lifetime Warranty too."

Featuring a compelling choice of VDE tools, including pliers with tethered options and screwdrivers in standard and slimline formats, XP1000 is our new “go-to” range for electrical professionals. Every tool is fully VDE and EN60900 compliant and suitable for use on live AC circuits up to 1,000V and DC circuits up to 1,500V. What’s more, it’s already getting great feedback from early testers, with over 85% of them saying they’d recommend it.

Short fuse: downsides of the job

While there’s no doubting the love electricians have for their work, there are a few drawbacks. The biggest complaints were about rude customers and bosses. And more than a third of electricians get frustrated when those around them don’t understand the basics of how electrics work.

While some like the banter, 29% said dealing with other trades was one of the worst things about the job. Just over one in six cited poor workmanship by other trades as making their jobs worse.

Not being offered a hot drink on the job was also a common complaint from more than a quarter of respondents. There are some more serious concerns too: a small number of electricians worry about the daily risks associated with the job.

Life lessons and looking back

On the whole, it’s a rewarding career choice and more than half of the nation’s electricians feel this way. Feelings were split when it came to career progression, with 51% saying there are plenty of opportunities to progress.

More than a third have never regretted their decision to train as an electrician. But there are a few things they wish they’d known as an apprentice, the most common being the importance of paying attention to detail.

30% of the electricians in the Draper study would tell their younger selves that “it takes time, but hard work eventually pays off”. More than a quarter wish they’d known how important people skills would be when they started out. The same number admit they’d have like to have known more about running their own business. While a tool-loving one in six would warn their younger selves just how addictive buying new tools can be.

What would you tell your younger apprentice self? Join the discussion and see more of XP1000’s unique features by following Draper Tools on social media.

Research commissioned by Draper Tools and carried out by OnePoll in November 2021, sample size 200 UK electricians.

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