XP1000: Listening to the experts

25th Jan 2022

XP1000: Listening to the experts

Did you know Draper Tools has been supplying the nation with quality tools since 1919? Over the years, we've taken the time to listen to feedback and get our product offering right – an approach we've always taken pride in. And our latest launch, the XP1000 range, is no exception.

XP1000 is the culmination of two years of research and development. Tested to 10,000V, it's suitable for use on AC circuits up to 1,000V and DC circuits up to 1,500V. Fully compliant to EN60900 standards, the range features VDE pliers with tethered options and VDE screwdrivers, including slimline. There are handy sets of pliers and screwdrivers too. It’s a comprehensive series of hand tools designed to see electricians through a range of jobs throughout their careers.

Features that make all the difference

Often on the job, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. XP1000 is all about ingenious features that make an electrician’s life easier. For example, both the screwdrivers and pliers feature TPE extra-comfort handles. The slimline screwdrivers are excellent for getting to hard-to-reach areas and all screwdrivers feature a dual-layer “insulation warning” blade sheath for safety and peace of mind.  

What our testers had to say

XP1000 is part of the Draper Expert series of tools for professionals, so we were keen to get this range into the hands of the expert electricians out there. We carried out prelaunch testing of XP1000 tools with a small but diverse panel of electricians. Here’s a look at some of the feedback they gave us.

“Smart, professional, sleek and comfortable.”

“Standout sleek ergonomic design.”

“Vibrant, robust, balanced and portable.”

I like the feel and look of the XP range. They are comfortable and lightweight and feel quite natural in the hand. Not clunky.”

“I think that the slim screwdrivers set is perfect for everyday use as they are stored in storage roll which can be attached to your belt. This helps a lot as it's easy access.”

“Solid, robust and certainly trustworthy, the interchange screwdriver range was fantastic. ESPECIALLY the rotating base where the screwdriver sits in your palm.”

There were many encouraging results, with over 85% of testers saying they’d recommend XP1000 to others in the trade. Three quarters said XP1000 was a range they’d buy more from in the future and all agreed Draper Tools was a brand they trusted. Our testers also unanimously agreed that the XP1000 tethered pliers felt safe and they could trust them while working at height.

Why it matters

People who use tools every day at work are the experts – we will always listen to what they have to say, it helps us keep on innovating. We will be continually adding to XP1000 with high-quality tools designed specifically for the sector. We’re focusing on what electricians need more than ever before, with a lot of big plans in the pipeline. We’ve already got several new ideas under development for later this year. Watch this space!

Explore the XP1000 range and see why it’s already getting great feedback here.

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